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HOW IT works

Using our smart widgets, we create and build clients purpose built digital overlays that can be used for customer portals, Self-Serve & OAM tools including monetisation & fulfillment. Our technology can be exposed to users or customers and we have templates to accelerate deployments for B2B, B2C and employee focused solutions.
Our software is underpinned by machine learning and AI technology that allows us to automate, orchestrate and categories any interaction, task or workflow into our smart inbox or into third party CRM or Customer Contact type systems.
Increase your organisations efficiency and productivity with our automated self-serve widgets. These user effectiveness tools can be exposed in any channel, so linking eCommerce, Social or Mobile with advanced interaction handling to allow automatic categorisation, segmentation and orchestration to be routed to the appropriate contact centre teams in real-time is now possible. The widgets also can use machine learning and AI to optimise how users and/or customers experience is delivered and exposed across all channels and allow self-serve to be easily achieved and recorded.
We believe that all customer data is important and should be secure and we have a range of secure 2 factor authentication (2FA) tools like Authy to make sure that all customer data is secure and well managed. We also have standard User Role types to allow different permissions and views of the same data to be created and deployed.


Online Account Management (OAM) is a key module and allows consumer and businesses to manage their accounts and product/service data with businesses in a more flexible and proactive manner. We also allow clients to build a hyper-personalised customer experience and effective communication / contact channel, whether for sending out surveys/feedback, allowing service tickets or requests to be raised or marketing new offers based on customer profiling.
Analytics is an inherent functionality to Bizvu. We allow reports, analytics and search facilities to be exposed to either end users, managers or customers and we ensure that the ux is delivered appropriately and mapped to the relevant role type. We also have an sentiment engine with context filters and predictive analytics that can be configured for business problems like asset risk or compliance etc.


Using Bizvu allows clients with MITEL or Avaya solutions to utilise pre-integrated functions to enhance their customer facing architecture. This integration lets users to respond to any customer query or interaction from any digital service or data source directly from inside any Contact Centre solution. With partners like Mitel our Smart inbox is available inside their Contact Centre solution where agents can respond or publish from the iGnite desktop.
Bizvu allows clients to expose and provide their users with data from third party systems such as billing and payment engines. We can take source data and allow PDF invoices to be viewed or reprinted within an account view. Our digital overlay is also capable of secure payments processes to be exposed by exploiting our integration through paypal, stripe and other credit card gateways.


We allow content to be ‘tagged’ and then to served up to users that are either mapped to those lists, whether by product types, content or segmentation. Our smart search also has context and keyword profiling for advanced search tasks.
These digital overlay capabilities are focused on allowing clients to understand, offer, order and deliver new products and services from ‘Concept to Cash’ or expiring Contract renewals. Our solution will perform and underpin a configurable solution to work with existing legacy systems or to append new billing capabilities for bundling or not…

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