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The problem

Businesses need to monitor, understand and engage clients in both new and old ways with old & new systems

The answer

The need for a smart digital platform that allows integration and immense value to be driven through integration

The solution

Bizvu allows any customer/user experience to be created and seamless integrated with CRM or premium Contact Centre Solution like Mitel’s MiCC


There are three main product areas with functions described below and have been built with the latest AI and machine learning technologies


Our Social Media platform for clients to interact and Connect with customers. With its 100+ widgets, services and analtics features to choose from, this is the perfect social media management tool for any business.


We help clients to design and collect feedback and reviews from their customers, even through Social Media channels and transpose these data into intelligent insights and offer improved next best actions in real-time.


Cloud platform for all your customer service needs, including integrated communication channels, service requests, order tracking, operational status, feedback process, analytics and many more.

Extensive Social Media Coverage

Bizvu Social offer most advanced search across all major social media networks. Manage all your social channels from a single dashboard solution.

All your conversations in one place

These could be your Twitter Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Web chat or SMS inbox for your customer service phone number. All managed from one single screen.

Contact Centre Integration

Bizvu Social allows clients to respond to any customer query from across their social networks, directly from inside any Contact Centre solution. With partners like Mitel and Avaia, our Smart inbox is available inside their Contact Centre solution.

Team Performance

Bizvu Social has built-in team management tools. Analyse agent performance using our performance metrics. Spot trends, track individuals performance over time, and see what makes your agents successful.

Competitor Insight

Bizvu Social will help you to hook into your competitors strategies in social networks. Add up to 20 competitors to compare. See where your organisation stand in terms of audience size, daily customer interactions, profile views and track how these metrics change over time.

Interactive Analytics

Every bit of Bizvu Social functionality comes with its own interactive reports. These could be Sentiment analysis, campaign management, data mashups, search on search facilities or KPI reports. All tailor made for your business requirement.

Survey Editor

We help our clients to engage with the right customer at the right time, with only the questions or invitations that are relevant to them. Create and share professional surveys within minutes

Customer Feedback

We help our clients connect with their customers. We capture their feedback from all channels, including social, online and mobile.

Customer Engagement

We help our clients respond to their customer feedbacks in real-time. This helps resolvig issues for unhappy or unengaged customers, or thank happy customers, driving repeat purchases.


We measure experience performance and use machine learning to discover insights that allow our clients to improve and innovate faster.


We create personalized dashboards and workflows for every team member, specific to their role and responsibilities, so that every decision they make is informed by the customer.

OAM features

Self-Serve Widgets

These automated user effectiveness tools can be exposed in any channel, so linking eCommerce, Social or Mobile with advanced interaction handling in real-time is now possible.


We have 2 factor authentication (2FA) tools to make sure all customer data is secure and well managed. We also have standard User Role types to allow different permissions and views to be created and deployed.


We allow consumers to manage their accounts and product/service data a flexible and proactive manner. We also allow clients to build hyper-personalised customer experience and effective communication channel.

Customer facing analytics

We allow reports, analytics and search facilities to be exposed to either end users, managers or customers and we ensure that the ux is delivered appropriately and mapped to the relevant role type.


Using Bizvu allows clients with MITEL or Avaya solutions to utilise pre-integrated functions to enhance their customer facing architecture.

Content search

We allow content to be ‘tagged’ and then to served up to users that are either mapped to those lists, whether by product types, content or segmentation.


Bizvu allows clients to expose and provide their users with data from third party systems such as billing and payment engines.

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How it works


Sign up

Please fill up the online SignUp form and a member or our team will contact you to learn more about your business requirements and Bizvu products you need. This will help us setup your Bizvu apps more efficiently



After your new apps are ready, you will be able to configure your social profiles and other business details in Bizvu, with step-by-step instructions.



At this stage, you will be able to integrate Contact Centre solution and other apps with master data like customer and order details with Bizvu.



We will need your detailed reporting requirements to make sure reports and analytics in new app works exactly how you want it. Our team will help you every step of the way to make sure your Bizvu apps are setup properly.

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