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This platform is based on its widgets, services and analytics
There are 100+ to choose from

Our development team and partners are working hard to design and release new widgets, services and analytics regularly.
These are built with the latest AI and machine learning technologies, to take care of every social media needs of your organisation.


These are user configurable, small apps with its own functional features. They are capable of holding any types of data, whether emails, SMS, LiveChat, videos or social interactions.


These includes different useful business tools and communication channels, like direct response from Bizvu or API integration with contact centre solutions like Mitel or Avaia, available to our clients.


Every bit of Bizvu Social functionality comes with its own interactive reports. These could be data mashups, search on search facilities or KPI reports. All tailor made for your business requirement.

Widgets features


Bizvu widgets offer most advanced search across all major social media networks. Search for anything. Then start drilling down by applying search on search results. Filter out messages posted by any number of social users. Apply date filters, view word cloud or view results on a map for better understanding of social discussions and targeting.

News Feeds

This could be your Facebook business page or LinkedIn company page or Twitter profile feed. You can have all your social conversation, customer posts, comments and photos with all its hierarchy inside a Bizvu widget. Supported by Bizvu notification service and team goals and performance analytics, you will always be on top of the customer response targets.


These widgets have reviews for your organisation from any source. These could be reviews from your Facebook business page, Tripadvisor travel reviews, Feefo reviews or from Bizvu's own review app. You will be able to see full conversation related to any review and respond back to customer from these widgets in real-time.

Customer Engagement

All these widgets come with inbuilt communication channels with pre-defined data templates. This helps Bizvu Social clients respond to customers in all their social networks, directly and efficiently from Bizvu Social Widgets. Analytics data like call volume during week days or during different hours of day, helps our clients plan and manage resources more efficiently.


These widgets could be Twitter Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Bizvu Web chat or SMS inbox for your customer service phone number. It could also be any other live chat box. With help from Bizvu Notification service, these widgets are designed to help you manage any messaging service efficiently in real-time.


These widgets are interactive graphs, charts or tables with data drill down built-in. Examples include Sentiment analysis results, Rate of change of follower numbers in any social network or compare volume of social messages on different topics or something else. All report widgets are tailor made to your business requirement and available to share or export with a touch of a button.

Services features


As well as having usual in-app notification services, Bizvu Widgets allow all its social messages to be sent to any email inbox, in real-time. So, e.g. you are running a transport operation and you have a widget in Bizvu Social, with alerts configured. This Widget monitors any tweet from a certain location, mentioning any accident or emergency related keywords or phrases. You will receive an email with all details, from Bizvu social, the moment someone posts this in Twitter from that geographic location.

Smart Inbox

This is the Bizvu Social hub, from where your agents will be able to communicate with your customers, across multiple channels. Every incoming message is tagged with the particular social media or chat service or email inbox it came from. It will also give you full details of any previous conversation with same customer and name of the agent who replied last time. Its task scheduling, goals, reward points and other gamification features will help you making sure your agents are always ahead of their customer response targets.

Contact Centre Integration

Bizvu Social allows clients to respond to any customer query from across their social networks, directly from inside any Contact Centre solution. With partners like Mitel and Avaia, our Smart inbox is available inside their Contact Centre solution.

We also allow Contact Centre solutions to integrate using our Alert service. This turns every customer communication into an email and delivered to Contact Centre email queue. When agents reply to that email, Bizvu Social turns it back to tweet or Facebook comment or a message into a WhatsApp thread etc. and post to relevant social network accordingly.

Content Scheduling

Our scheduling service allows you to schedule unlimited number of post across all your social networks. Easy to use screens to view all upcoming posting schedules and let you edit and manage these with just a click of a button. Bizvu Social also allows you to schedule and export any report periodically to any mailbox.

Url Shortener

You can shorten URLs to make them easier to share across all your social networks, using the Bizvu URL shortener. You will be able measure and analyse how many people have clicked on your URL per day using our campaign performance and link analytics reports.

Analytics features

Sentiment Analysis

Bizvu social automatically determine sentiment in any customer message across all your social networks and then let agents manually override these sentiments. Bizvu Sentiment analysis algorithms are based on machine learning technologies. It will get smarter the more you use it. Visualize the data for you to help you understand how agents are turning around conversations from negative to positive.

competitor Insight

Bizvu Social will help you to hook into your competitors strategies in social networks. Add up to 20 competitors to compare. See where your organisation stand in terms of audience size, daily customer interactions, profile views etc. Track how these metrics change over time. Also monitor and compare the change in number of followers for your organisation with your competitors, over time.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management feature gives you the power to run marketing campaigns directly from Bizvu Social and track your success. Use user generated contents like customer reviews to engage, inspire, and co-create campaign with your customer. You can create multiple marketing campaigns and stages across all your social networks and automate your messages and analize progress with interactive analytics.

Team Performance Reports

Analyse agent performance using Bizvu Social performance metrics. Spot trends, track individuals performance over time, and see what makes your agents successful.

Data Warehouse

Bizvu Social SQL data warehouse is build from the ground up for the cloud. Our Social CRM will help you target specific posts to target the right audience. Find out more about specific customer influence, their reviews, likes, interest, sentiment and what they write about your organisation across multiple channels.

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How it works


Sign up

Please fill up the online SignUp form and a member or our team will contact you to learn more about your business requirements, social media search areas, about your competitors you want to monitor, your team members who need access to your new app etc.


Setup App

With this information, we will setup your new app and you will be requested to login and integrate your social profiles in Bizvu, with step-by-step instructions. We will also need your detailed reporting requirements to make sure reports and analytics in new app works exactly how you want it.


Connect to Contact Centre

At this stage, you will be able to integrate Bizvu with your Contact Centre solution or Bizvu Smart Inbox. Our team will help you every step of the way to make sure every social channel is working properly for your new app.


Start discovering

Our dedicated support team is here to help, there will be training sessions on how different Bizvu features works. As well as receiving support over the phone and on email, there is extensive “help” documentation and “How To” videos available online.

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